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Our View: School confidence is undermined by accountability score process

Posted about 1 hour ago in Dispatch Editorials

For what it's worth, the Mississippi Department of Education released its annual accountability grade scores for Mississippi schools and school districts on Wednesday.



Mona Charen: Kavanaugh in the #MeToo Era

Posted about 1 hour ago in National Columns

In the wake of the revelation of Christine Blasey Ford's identity, some have suggested that her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh will be handled more sensitively than such accusations once were thanks to the #MeToo movement.



Our View: CMSD program a good step in improving parent participation

Posted yesterday in Dispatch Editorials

When schools struggle, there are always a variety of factors presented to explain the problem - everything from funding to poor leadership to poverty to the breakdown of society, depending on who you listen to.



Wyatt Emmerich: Criminal justice reform gains momentum

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

One of the most disturbing statistics for our country is the sky-high incarceration rate. America has by far the highest incarceration rates in the world.



Our View: A community conversation becomes community action

Posted 9/18/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

When the Lowndes County Foundation held a "community conversation," at the Trotter Center in March, there were two competing perceptions -- hope and skepticism.



Voice of the people: Joel Vig



Charlie Mitchell: Large 'something for nothing' crowd often overlooked

Posted 9/18/2018 in Local Columns

It's the season for storms to line up in the Atlantic and Pacific, seeming to take aim.


Possumhaw: Southern gospel singing

Posted 9/17/2018 in Local Columns

Saturday night a week ago Sam and I headed to a gospel singing at the City Auditorium in Vernon, Alabama. We looked at the map and checked the distance. If we left by 4 o'clock, we would be sure to make it in time to hear Jessica Horton, Shaeffer's Chapel's praise and worship leader, sing at 5:30. Jessica's talent and charisma compelled us.


Patrick J. Buchanan: The unpardonable heresy of Tucker Carlson

Posted 9/17/2018 in National Columns

Our diversity is our greatest strength. After playing clips of Democratic politicians reciting that truth of modern liberalism, Tucker Carlson asked, "How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you've made this our new national motto, please be specific."


Ask Rufus: 'It runs like a scared dog'

Posted 9/15/2018 in Local Columns

With the coming of the September and October rains, the Tombigbee's summer time shallow water gives way to rising water of fall and thoughts in Columbus and Aberdeen long ago turned to the arrival of steamboats.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Where have you gone, Bob Woodward?

Posted 9/15/2018 in National Columns

"Where have you gone, Bob Woodward? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you."



Our View: Marijuana, like alcohol, is better regulated than banned

Posted 9/14/2018 in Dispatch Editorials



Froma Harrop: How about Medicare Advantage for all?

Posted 9/14/2018 in National Columns

A resurfaced Barack Obama has uttered those three little words: "Medicare for all."



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